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Key words = Instructional strategies, language, K-12

Submitted by = Carla Moore

Prepositions (where words)

Instructional strategy: My practicum teacher uses simple prepositions to help her students learn their where words. This activity allows the teacher to know if the students understand the directions and concepts of each word learned.

Steps to follow for a successful prepositional lesson:

1. Introduce the preposition
-demonstrate the word through objects and bodily directions
Example: Jeff, I want you to sit under the table.
Mike, I want you to sit between the two chairs.

2. Then pass out cards having the students use full sentences of noun+verb+where word (prep.).

3. Have the students cut out the pictures of the words.

4. Have the students sort the pictures under the right column and paste the picture

5. This simple word activity educates the students in the following ways:

Proper understanding of prepositions
Practice with following directions
Practice of saying complete sentences
Understanding of sorting the pictures
Practice of cutting and pasting

6. Have students bring in pictures from home to demonstrate the prepositions that were taught that day
Extension: The use of Quick Take, which is a computerized camera, can help to demonstrate pictorially the action of the preposition.


1. McCarr, Dorthy (1977). Prepositions. Ill. Rudi Milpacher. Dormac (PO Box 752 Beaverton, Oregon 97075)

Uploaded by = Sheri Gezann/ K.S.U. Student/ Deaf Ed Major