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Key words: Instructional Strategy, Language, K-12

Submitted by = Sheila Miller


The strategy that I am presenting is the KWL strategy.

This strategy is taken from Sue Jacobs in Youngstown City Schools.

Other sources are as follows:

Luetke-Stahlman, Luckner. Effectively Educating Students with Hearing Impairments. New York: 1991. 270-274.

Schirmer, Barbara. Language and Literacy Development in Children who are Deaf. New York: 1994. 198-l99.


This strategy is so that the student will be able to brainstorm before and after a lesson is taught. This can be used in all subject areas.


This strategy is a brainstorming strategy. It tells the teacher how much the students know before starting a topic. KWL stands for what the students KNOW, what the students WANT to know and what the students LEARNED. It allows the students to tell the teacher not only what the teacher wants the students to learn but, what the students want to get out of the lesson or unit. By doing this type of brainstorming activity, it helps the students to be actively involved in thinking about the relevance of the lesson before and after reading.

Uploaded by = Sheri Gezann/ K.S.U. Student/ Deaf Ed. Major