Enabling Generations of Success

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NAD Launches Six-Year $45 million Fund Raising Campaign

As the new year approaches, NAD is looking toward the future with ambitious fund raising plans.

Fund Raising Objectives:

-Expanded services to state associations and organizational affiliates

-Increased purchasing options through value-added membership benefits

-Information exchange and networking through provisions of NAD- based electronic mail and internet services

-emphasis on collaborative endeavors and coalition-building with organizations both within and outside of deafness

-Greater representation through expanded government affairs and legal clearinghouse

-development of new and innovative products in a variety of formats, including print, CD-ROM, and media

-shaping of public and private policy through research, training, and development activities

-Greater fiscal stability through growth of NAD endowment funds

-greater visibility through creation of a national cable television network, and

-acquisition of prime investment property, including a new headquarters building

Edited by: Robin Schneier/Kent State University/Deaf Education Program