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--the definitive source of evaluation information for educators of deaf and hard of hearing students.

What is Software To Go?

Software To Go (STG) is both a book and a service. It is specifically designed to help educators in the field locate and evaluate microcomputer software for Apple, Macintosh, and MS-DOS computers.

A book, and a service?

What do you mean?

STG--THE BOOK, contains hundreds of evaluations by teachers of the deaf from across the USA and Canada. Over 1,200 titles are listed and it includes a guide to software publishers.

STG--THE BOOK helps you determine which products are effective with deaf students so you can avoid purchasing software that may not meet your needs.

STG--THE BOOK, $15.00 (US), plus $2.00 for shipping.

STG--THE SERVICE is a lending library of all the software contained in the book. When you join STG--THE SERVICE, you receive the STG catalog plus all supplements and newsletters.

You can borrow titles listed in the catalog for hands-on examination. The loan period is four weeks. The number of titles you can borrow at one time is limited only by their total value, which may not exceed $600.00.

The borrower must complete an evaluation form and pay return postage.

STG--THE SERVICE, $50.00 US per year for one site. For additional sites in the same district, the fees are:
$100.00 for 2-5 sites
$150.00 for 6-10 sites.

Can I buy the book first and join the service later?

Yes. Just let us know you purchased the book previously and we will deduct the $15.00 from your membership fee.

Here's what some members said:

"Software To Go, through its newsletter, and descriptions and evaluations of software, is more useful and reliable than software companies' advertising. We have a chance to try out software through STG before purchasing. Most importantly, the other users in STG are deaf students and their teachers. Rarely do software companies address this population."
Abigail Nelson, Consultant for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Milton, VT.

"For the past three years, I have been involved in the Software To Go project. The first year of my participation was also my first year as a computer user. Having had no previous experience with educational software, I could have made disastrous mistakes when making purchases if I didn't have the opportunity of first trying out programs through STG."
Arlene Cheskin, Speech-Language Pathologist, Mountain Lakes, NJ.

"We love it!!!!"
Gail Bieber, North East Colorado
BOCES, Haxtun, CO

I'm interested in STG. What do I do next?
Write to:
Software To Go
Gallaudet University
MSSD Box 77
800 Florida Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20002
Or call: 202/651 5705 (V/TTY)
202/651 5109 (Fax)

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