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ComputAbility Products for the 90's

Key Words:Curriculum Materials, K-12, General Information

Type: Catalog

Topic: Technology

Focus: Basic Living Skills


"This unique system of basic living skills software incorporates a standard 3 part training suquence which presents materials using clear, bold graphics teamed with speech output for training and reinforcement, INSTRUCTIONAL SEGMENT allows the teacher to target individual words used in the chosen setting, UNIT REVIEW has the computer choose to present one of the words previously presented in the instructional segment. Using a joystick or arrow keys the student will select the correct word spoken. Correct responses are verbally reinforced. Incorrect responses send student back to Instructional Segment. GENERALIZATION PROBE has the computer randomly displaying 2 words and speaking the one the student is to select. An evaluation is provided at the end of the Generalization Probe."

ComputAbility Corporation
40000 Grand River, Suite #109
Novi, MI 48375
(810) 477-6720 / (800) 433-8872

Dawn Powell/K.S.U. Student/Deaf Ed. Major