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Books: Woodbine House Special Needs Collection

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The Special Education Sourcebook by Michael S. Rosenberg,Ph.D., and Irene Edmond-Rosenberg, M.P.A.

"It provides both general and special education teachers from preschool through high school with easier access to a wide range of information on special education. Educators can find materials to help access their students' learning needs, understand and recognize specific disabilities from mild learning problems to more profound forms of mental retardation, and apply the most appropriate teaching approaches and strategies. This comprehensive reference lists and describes books, periodicals, multimedia, and computer-based materials, as well as many of the organizations and businesses that produce educational materials and provide supportive information."
$21.95 Paperback

Trouble with School by Kathryn Boesel Dunn and Allison Boesel Dunn
"Told from both a parent's and a child's perspective, this is a story of discovering and adjusting to Allison's learning difficulty. Humorous line drawings provide comic relief."
$9.95 Paperback - Grades 2-4

Negotiating the Special Education Maze by Winifred Anderson, Stephen Chitwood, and Deidre Hayden

"Guides parents and teachers through the process of establishing the best special education program for a child."
$14.95 Paperback

The Language of Toys by Sue Schwartz, Ph.D. and Joan E. Heller Miller, Ed.M.

"This thorough book to use everyday toys and books to create experiences that stimulate children with special needs to develop their language skills."
$14.95 Paperback

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