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Key Words: Instructional Strategy, Sign Language, 4-6

Here is an activity that gives a student practice in interpreting what others say and gives chances to create visualizations for other to interpret. Take an example such as this:

Charlie got up in the middle of the night. He wanted to slip downstairs for a drink of water. He knew his way well in the dark. He held the bannister and crept silently down. He hardly dare breathe, careful not to make any noises that would disturb Floss, whose bed is near the foot of the stairs. It is so dark there that you can't see her. It is pitch dark at the foot of the stairs. Here, students draw visuals of the description. Too much time needn't be put to the drawing. After some minutes and a couple of readings, have students share their drawings (=interpretations). Notice the subtle differences of what the students "caught" about the description. Now give students a turn at being the DESCRIBER. They can improvise descriptions on the spot or plan to tell one the next day.

SOURCE: Distant Views: Teacher's Edition. Scott, Foresman Reading (1989). p.45