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The Student Teacher Handbook

by: Jannel Crosley , cooperating teacher, Mason School

Key Words:Instructional Strategies, Deaf education, K-12

Work Day

The work day for teachers is 7:45 to 3:00 p.m. or 8:00 to 3:15 p.m. Student teachers are required to follow one of these schedules. Recognize that this is the minimum requirement.

Office Procedure


A complete list of the staff is enclosed. Please review it and try to meet a few new people each day. It is important to develop relationships with staff members as this will help develop future cooperation when it is needed.

Attendance and lunch count

The yellow card will be put in the mailbox each morning. The attendance is kept on the front and the lunch ticket count is put under it. The key for recording is a +. Please mark each child absent in the morning. If we have perfect attendance than put the apple up outside the room. Have the person whose name is beside attendance card take the card to the office.

Lunch Time

Lunch begins at 11:00 but have the children get ready around 10:55. Children go outside to play first, then they are lined up and brought inside for lunch. You will pick up 304 at 12:00 in the lunchroom. There is a refrigerator and a pop machine located on the 2nd floor for your use. You can go out for lunch or eat in the room.


We have duty on Friday from 11:30-12:00. This is intermediate play-ground.


Each classroom is required to have a set of classroom rules posted. It is important that you try to enforce these rules whenever you feel they are being abused. Keep in mind that careful planning can alleviate many potential problems. Also remember that if given the chance the children will try almost anything. Once they have gotten away from you it is sometimes very difficult to get them back.

Starting the day

Prior to the arrival of the students, the teacher prepares her classroom with the materials that will be used for the lessons to be taught. Copying should be done ahead of time because the machines do break down. Remember to change the job assignment board. When the children arrive greet them and remind them of their jobs and hurry them along so they are ready for the 8:25 bell. Take attendance and lunch count.

End of the day procedures

Children remove Phonic Ears and do their jobs. Start to prepare for dismissal at 2:15. Children get themselves ready to go home and take their homework folder and any other papers in the mailbox home. Vans come at 2:25 and children should be ready to go at that time. If a child is picked up by the parent before the 2:25 dismissal that parent needs to sign him/her out at the office. No child can be dismissed to someone other than a parent without a written note NO EXCEPTIONS.

Report Cards

Report cards will be sent home 4 times during the year. You will be responsible for grading and recording grades for each student. I will be responsible for entering the grades on the computer sheets.

Grading Papers

You will be responsible for grading all papers that you assign. You should try to grade the papers sometime during the day so that they can go home that night and parents are able to see what their child has done in school. If you do not get them graded the same day please have them ready for the next day. Be sure to use stickers, extra verbal praise and anything that you think is appropriate to let the children know they are or are not doing a good job.


Meetings are held after school on some Tuesday nights from 2:45-3:45. You are expected to attend unless you have been excused by the principal.


Most I.E.P.s are held in the fall. You will attend these but will not be expected to develop them. However, you should take the time to read them.

Fire Drill and Tornado Drill

Procedures for these are located on the wall next to the door. Please make sure you understand what to do and where to go. Be sure to take a class list with you. Remember there is no talking or running during either of these drills. Be sure that the classroom door is closed during a fire drill.

L.R.C. Library

Teachers may borrow items from the library. They must be signed out. Please check with the librarian for the correct procedures.


Communication is very important, whether it be between the cooperating teacher and the student teacher, or the parents or other staff members. Within my classroom, I feel that open communication is very important. No question is dumb. If any situation is unclear or uncomfortable then I feel that it is up to the student teacher to ask for help or clarification. I will try to provide a learning environment for you but please feel free to ask for help or advice if you feel that there is a question or a problem that you are having difficulty with. I prefer that we set aside some time for these questions or that you write them down and I will go over them and then answer your concerns or questions that you have. Keeping a journal of your daily experiences will be helpful. It will give you a chance to look back and laugh or maybe even cry or give yourself a pat on the back and say to yourself Boy! I did a great job with that lesson.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans need to be ready for me to look at on Friday morning. There are NO exceptions. This will give me time to read them and we can make revisions together. Please do not wait until Thursday to begin writing your plans for the next week. Lesson plans are intended for your use. In the beginning your plans will be written in full detail. When we feel that you will be able to teach from less detailed plans then you will be able to write less detailed plans. You will need to include evaluations for both you and the students. You will need to have a copy of your plans for me and for yourself and 1 for you supervisor from Kent if that is a requirement. Materials need to be prepared at least 1 day in advance. I will need to approve all worksheets and projects.

My Expectations for New Student Teachers

Learn as much as you can about every student. Make sure you understand all discipline policies and follow them as consistently as you can. Enjoy this experience! Try to become independent within the school and develop your own friendships.

Student Teacher Schedule

October 12 Calendar

October 16 Calendar-Handwriting

October 23 Calendar-Handwriting-Spelling 2 Halloween activities

October 30 Calendar-Handwriting-Spelling-Math II Science, Social Studies, Health-Art Project

November 6 Calendar-Handwriting-Spelling-Math II Reading-Language-Science, Social Studies, Health-Math I

November 13 Calendar-Handwriting-Spelling-Math II Reading-Language-Science, Social Studies, Health-Math I

November 20 Full time

November 27 Full time

December 4 Full time

December 11 Full time

Bulletin Boards
Room-November 1
Room-December 1
Hallway-November 3
Hallway-December 1

Calendar is due the 1st of every month

Thanksgiving Feast November 22, prepare November 21

Edited by Melissa Close/Kent State/Deaf Ed. Major