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History Curriculum Portfolio

By: Grace Shanafelt, Sheri Gezann, and Tamara Roach


Why: Changes needed to be made to the standard curriculum in order to fit the needs of Deaf students

How: Teachers use different strategies with their students that are more at their level of learning

Common Modifications Teachers Carry Out to use the Identified Curricular Packages

Through our research we have found that teachers of the Deaf need to make modifications to the standard curriculum they are given in order for the students to learn the material at the level they are at.

Some of the modifications used:

- Focus in only on the basic concept
-Make modifications according to the group of students you are working with
-Make the material as visual as possible
-Incorporate games into the lesson
-Use hands-on activities and crafts
-Make the unit you are teaching a whole language one; every subject focuses on the same topic
-Use stories to teach the lesson
-When dealing with hard-of-hearing students, make them do as much paper/pencil work as possible in order to use their hearing


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Canton Public Schools
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Akron Public Schools
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