1. National Center for Research on Evaluation Standards and Student Testing


Box 951522
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1522
Phone: (310)206-1532
Fax: (310)825-3883

This web base provides assessment information through he following: CD-ROM, sampling, guidebooks, videos, database, forum, list serve. It talks abut alternative assessment, reports, and newsletters. It has a search engine and a parent page that can be useful. The site also has portfolio and handbook techniques.

2. Rebus

Phone: 1-800-435-3085

This site developed into classroom sampling, products, articles, learning more, teacher education, Questions and Answers about worked sampling, and professional development opportunities as related to assessment.

3. The Northwest Regional Education Laboratory

Northwestern Regional Educational laboratory
101 SW Main
Suite 500
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: (503)275-9500

This site Provides oral communication assessment, trait and effect reader assessment models, cross-disciplinary measures, personal responses and a toolkit for assessment.

Implications for Deaf Education

As educators of the deaf we are faced with the challenges to provide proper and adequate assessment for our students. The sites listed above serve as models for this process. they five some but not all possibilities to achieve the task at hand. because the needs of our students are unique, often times we will need various modes of assessment. the depth of the children’s knowledge may not be properly accounted for it evaluated in only one way.