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Kent State University - Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Program
(Undergraduate & Graduate)


State of Ohio & the Council on the Education of the Deaf


Drs. Harold Johnson , Pamela Luft , Barbara Schirmer, & Mrs. Sheila Owolabi


405 White Hall
Kent OH 44242-0001
(330) 672-2294 [voice]
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-2512 [fax]

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Dr. Harold Johnson or Dr. Pamela Luft

Program Philosophy:

The primary problems of deafness is not a lack of hearing, but an abundance of isolation. This isolation can be most effectively reduced through the use of student-centered, collaborative instructional strategies in which teachers observe, understand and build upon their students communication strategies, interests and strengths. Inherent within this approach is an acceptance and valuing of cultural and linguistic realities of Deafness and a respect for the unique and over-riding role that parents serve in the education of their children.

Program Description:

The K.S.U. Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Program was established in 1947. Since its conception, over 650 individuals have been prepared to teach deaf/hard-of-hearing (d/hh) students. This preparation is now carried out by two full time and three part time "Deaf Ed." faculty. Students progress through a developmental series of course work in which they learn and rehearse the most effective instructional strategies and curricular materials. Such rehearsals are carried out in direct collaboration with existing teachers of the deaf through use of extensive (i.e., over 500 hrs.) field/student teaching experiences. Course and field work is further supplemented through use Internet based technologies and resources. This use insures that K.S.U. graduates posses the knowledge, skill and technological sophistication that they will need to be effective teachers throughout their professional careers.

Course Offerings:

The course offerings in the Deaf Education Teacher Preperation program encompass the broad range of expertise needed by teachers of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Education Courses (General and Special)

Deaf Education Courses



Graduate Trainee Positions (Early Intervention - Deaf Infants/Toddlers) Available:

Applications are now being accepted for summer and academic year trainee positions on a Federally funded grant that is designed to prepare individuals to work with deaf infants/toddlers and their families. Individuals interested in learning more about this professional development opportunity should visit the grant Web site.

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Additional Information

Favorite Listserv:

Educators of the Deaf ("")

Favorite Web Site:

CED Deaf Information Web Site ("http://monster.educ.kent.educ/deafed")

Suggested Professional Reading:

Gillard, Marni (1996). Story teller, story teacher: Discovering the power of storytelling for teaching and living. Stenhouse Purlishers, York: Maine.
Mahshie, Shawn N. (1995). Educating deaf children bilingually. Pre-College Publications, Washington: DC.
Moline, Steve (1995). I see what you mean: Children at work with visual information. Stenhouse Purlishers, York: Maine.

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