This site provides resource guides and programs for teachers to use for instructional strategies dealing with sex education.

2. Planned Parenthood

This site offers parents information as to how to address the issue of sex with their children. Even though this is a primarily for parents, teachers and other educators can use this guide to teach students about sex. This guide includes and engaging video, fact filled book for parents/teachers and a fun activity book for students.

3. The Sex Education Coalition

This site shows the need for stories and quizzes to be a part of the curriculum strategy in teaching students information on this personal subject matter of sex education.

Implications for Deaf Education

Because students in 7th-9th grades are so impressionable, age appropriate materials are needed to convey appropriate subject matter while at the same time teaching proper terminology. Students in this age bracket depend on information that is correct. Most students learn through experiences that do not often prove to be the safest learning environment. Experimentation far exceeds formal educational basis. These sites give appropriate and useful suggestions to eliminate or minimize experimentation but provide essential knowledge.