1. Planned Parenthood

Planned parenthood web site offers a wealth of information and activities teens can use as personal resources to test their knowledge on matters of abstinence, safe sex, AIDS, STD’s, etc. Most appropriate for this age level is the self quiz. After the student answers the question the correct answer is shown with a brief explanation regarding that topic issue.

2. Lifejackets

Lifejackets provides information on sexuality for teenagers. Videos and newspapers can be ordered, such as "We’re Not Ready For That Yet." There is information and advise for teen mothers - the stay in school coalition.

3. Sex ect. A Web Page

SEX etc. is a web page designed by teens for teens and posted by Rutgers University. This is a wonderful site for teens to get information about sex and sexuality. There is a question & answer section where teens can post questions on the web and receive answers from doctors and other experts. This site provides teens with frequently asked questions and answers. The information is presented in a creative and interesting format.

Implications for Deaf Education

All of these sites provide teens with a place to go to to find information on sexuality. All three provide information that is valid. We found these sites to be excellent for both the teacher and the students to find useful information on relevant issues. Although, depending on the student’s age and their reading abilities, the student may need some aid in reading and comprehension of the material. The Planned Parenthood quiz is an excellent way to create interest and desire to learn more information and more accurate information.