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Informational Chunk: Ditto book

I found a ditto book at my practicum site that one of the teachers uses for science. It is titled The Human Body- 60 Masters. It has sheets for you to make into transparencies or worksheets on the human body. It includes skeleton diagrams, diagrams of the muscles, diagrams of the digestive system, and other such things.

Vriesenga, Daryl. (1987) The Human Body- 60 Masters . Grand Rapids, MI: Instruction Fair Inc.


This book caught my eye right away because of it's detailed pictures and diagrams. Visual aids are very important for hearing impaired students, so this would be a great book to have to make transparencies and worksheets from. My teacher said she used it a lot years ago when they still had ditto machines that teachers turned to make dittos. She said you can still make copies from it and make them into transparencies, but the answers will show up on them. However, this would be great for making them diagrams to study from or to display in the room.