Curriculum Materials



Informational Chunk: Family Math

In the Curriculum Materials Lab here at Kent State, I found a book called Family Math . It is a book aimed at children and their parents for them to work on together at home. It is for grades K-8, and it is a series of hands on activities using problem solving skills to do problems applied to daily life. It touches on arithmetic, geometry, probability/statistics, measurement, estimation, calculators, computers, logical thinking, and careers.

Stenmark, Jean, Thompson, Virginia, & Cossey, Ruth. (1986) Family Math.Berkeley, CA: Lawrence Hall of Sciences.


This book is one I would recommend highly. It contains activities that are interesting and fun to do at home. Keeping the student's interest is very important, so this book can help do just that. Math will not seem so boring to them. Also, it gives the parent's a crucial role in their child's education, and it provides bonding time for them. This is important for hearing impaired children, who may already lack attention from their parents. The activities in this book would also be helpful for use in the classroom to be reinforced at home.