Curriculum Materials



Informational Chunk: Family Math

In scanning the Curriculum Materials Lab here at Kent State, I found a book called Mental Math in the Primary Grades. This book contained many things to assist the teacher in teaching math. It had an overview of the unit before each one. Then for the individual lessons in the unit, it had what the lesson would be about, what materials you will need, how to teach the lesson, extending the lesson, oral follow-up, and a sheet to make into a transparency to help guide you and the students through the lesson. At the end, there were progress tests and power builder worksheets.

Hope, Jack, Leutzinger, Larry, Reys, Barbara, & Reys, Robert . (1988). Mental Math in the Primary Grades . Palto Alto, CA: Dale Seymour Publications.


This book would be very helpful to teachers, especially Deaf Ed, teachers, because our students may benefit from the activities in this book well into middle school. The book uses a lot of visual and hands on examples in each lesson, which are two things that are excellent for Deaf students. I am not a math person, so I can use all the help I can get on how to teach it to my students. This book takes you through the lesson step-by-step, so for first year teachers who are still figuring out their style, this book is a bonus.