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Informational Chunk: Language!

In "Teaching Exceptional Children", I found a very helpful material. It is called Language! and it is for elementary through high school students who are falling behind in reading, writing, and spelling. It was created by Jane Greene Ed. D. It is a series of 9 books for different levels, and it is research based, individualized, and comprehensive. It integrates work on reading, writing spelling, composition, vocabulary, and grammar. For more information or to order, call Sopris West at: 1-800-547-6747.

Edyburn, Dave L. (Ed.) (1996). Teaching Exceptional Children, 29.


Even though this says it is for students falling behind in language aspects, I feel it would greatly benefit hearing impaired students, because language is an area where they need a great amount of work. Most are behind their hearing peers in this aspect, depending on the severity of their hearing loss. These books would help to take a language lesson slowly, step-by-step for the students.