Curriculum Materials


Informational Chunk: series of books

I found a curriculum material for langauge called The Roots of Language. It is a series of three books to use in sequence for grades 4-9. It has lessons and review tests, and it has roots, prefixes, example words, and etymologies of words. It also utilizes cloze activities, extensions into writing, dictionary use, writing and art activities in creative ways. It also gives you strategies to try when students encounter unfamiliar words.

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This guide seems very helpful to me, especially for first year teachers. It gives you ways to help the students figure out new words. It is in sequence, so you can have a very organized langauge lesson. I think for deaf students, this will be very helpful, because language is an area they need work on. This guide will help provide structure to their lessons, which is important if you want them to learn well.