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Instructional Strategies

Language- Intervention with hh/d Students

Informational Chunk:Using language all the time

In an article abstract from the internet, it is stated that many methods of language intervention were modified for hh/d students. The main focus on intervention in this article was on content of form and use of language. The main intervention technique requires an adult to be present in the room with the child and help change the environment or the correct form of language. Basically, the main goal in language intervention is for the child to have a reason to respond to the teacher and use language as much as possible.

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Although this abstract did not go into detail about the individual intervention techniques, it gives useful tips for what each strategy's main goals should be. I agree that it is very crucial for hh/d students to be provided with many opportunities to use language. Through my whole program, that has been stressed as being of crucial importance. I have tried to implement that strategy in my work with students.


What are some ways to help a child who does not use language often, to use it more ( I have run into this problem in my practicum)?