Tired of Discipline?

"Here's How To.....?"

Presented by: Dr. Richard Lytle

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Definition of Discipline

We learn discipline in two ways. One way is through instruction, modeling and practice. The other way is through remediation when we don't behave appropriately. We as teachers need to focus more on the first way than the second. To begin a discipline plan we must first visualize how we want the students to behave as adult citizens in society. Start with the end in mind. Make sure what we do now will lead to what we want in the future. First we need to decide what are the characteristics you want your students to have as adult citizens.

Characteristics of students as adult citizens:

  1. fluent communicator
  2. flexible
  3. self confidence
  4. decision making
  5. honest
  6. responsible
  7. have goals and priorities (values)
  8. assertive
  9. Participate in society
  10. happy
  11. self supporting

Social literacy is a very important part of discipline and should be a major part of the curriculum. Social literacy, also called common sense, begins with the parents and then is incorporated in the school.

One Suggested Strategy

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