Key words:Curriculum Materials, General Information, K-12

What is done:

The instructional strategy used is the incorporation of educational videos into the lesson. The purpose of the video is to provide additional information and clarification of the topic. The videos available are a part of a wide selection of all content areas. First, the teacher teaches a lesson about a particular topic. After the lesson, the teacher shows a related video. The students are to watch the video paying close attention to the words and pictures during the video. After the video, the teacher will conduct an extended discussion about the video, using the instructional summaries that are included with the video. The video is shown again for the purpose of pausing and focusing on specific sections. Students take notes about each section. The teacher then clarifies the information that was introduced before the lesson with the information learned from the video. This instructional strategy ties in with the lesson, providing additional information by using a different modality.

Why it works:

Using instructional videos provides clarification and reinforcement to the students who have no prior knowledge or experience about a topic. The videos are very visual, which is an effective aid to the deaf student's learning habits. Often, students do not completely understand the material presented during the lesson, however, after watching the video and seeing it in "action" the lesson is enhanced and better understood. From the excited, and eager looks on the students' faces the teacher knows that the video is touching a reality of the students' environment. The experience of watching a video is wholesome and one that the deaf students can share together. The students tend to have a better appreciation for the lesson, and they have more to contribute to the class after watching the video. The most effective length of the videos is 15 minutes.


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Uploaded by: Melissa Close/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major