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Full Face
Claire H. Blatchford

What is it like to be deaf? How does it feel to lose your hearing in the middle of life? Where can you get help? How can you communicate with your own family?

Full Face is a conversation through letters between a middle-aged man trying to cope with recent hearing loss and a woman who has been deaf since childhood. Information about the condition is exchanged and suggestions are made for finding hearing aids and learning to read lips. The everyday ups and downs are laid bare, with stories and examples both funny and sad.

There is frank talk about the difficulties that accompany hearing loss. However, deafness offers hidden opportunities, the author suggests, when met "full face."

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Global Perspectives on the Education of the Deaf
Edited by H. William Brelje

Soon to be available, this much-needed book is a comprehensive look at the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students in selected countries around the world. Areas of focus include history, communication philosophy and methodology, educational services, parent education, higher education and career opportunities, vocational education, teacher preparation, and trends and directions. Edited by the Coordinator of Special Education: Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing at Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon, this is a valuable resource for college and university faculty, administrators, teachers, researchers, students, and others.