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Health Education Curriculum
Resources for Working with Low-Functioning Deaf Teens and Adults

Wendy Burgess, Carla Shaw, Stephen Larew, Sue Ouellette, Nancy Long

This curriculum provides resources for basic health care instruction to lower functioning, lower achieving segments of the deaf population, and others for whom such instruction has just not previously been provided.

Content was developed following an assessment using focus groups of professionals who deliver services and health professionals who interface with this population, augmented by interviews with clients and parents and by the authors who added content to support a model of preventive health care. The material was field tested and refined into its final form.

The curriculum contains six broad units: Taking Care of Yourself, Your Body, Staying Mentally Healthy, Sex Education and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Substance Use and Abuse, and Accessing Services. Each unit has several lessons: Objectives, Materials, Preparation, Notes, and Procedure. Includes illustrations, overheads and many resource materials.

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