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Language Issues in Deaf Education
Barbara Luetke-Stahlman

This "issues" text is designed for teachers-in-training and related service providers. It includes explanations of relevant linguistic theories and issues; assessment and facilitation of use, meaning, and form skills; definitions of languages and systems; ASL normative data, bilingual-bimodal models, language tips for general educators, and more! It's packed full of practical ideas, loads of diagrams and examples, study questions, resources and suggestions for applied activities. This text and its companion are a must-have for teacher training programs. Interactive activities to be accessed off the world wide web are now being developed.

Cat. No.     2265              book - softcover                                                                      $35.00

Language Across the Curriculum
when Students are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Barbara Luetke-Stahlman

This "methods" text is designed for teachers-in-training and related service providers. It includes chapters on mediated instruction, appropriate support and services, assessment and facilitation techniques for reading to students, having students read to adults, spelling, writing, math, social studies, socialization, audition, speech, and science to deaf as well as hard of hearing students, and much much more! It's packed full of practical ideas, loads of diagrams and examples, study questions, resources and suggestions for applied activities. This text and its companion are one-of-a-kind resources.

Cat. No.     2273              book - softcover                                                                       $35.00

The Art of Itinerant Teaching
Mary Deane Smith

The first resource for itinerant teachers is now available! Written to share strategies for success in the role of itinerant teaching in today's environment, this book covers duties, needed skills and knowledge, and tips for success. Included are approaches, tips and strategies to working with teachers and students, organizing your life on the road, starting and ending the school year, and a suggested curriculum for training itinerant student teachers. This one-of-a-kind book is a must-have resource for itinerant teachers!

Cat. No.     2257              book                                                                                        $14.95

Language Learning Practices with Deaf Children
Second Edition (1994)
Patricia L. McAnally, Susan Rose, Stephen P. Quigley

Describes the variety of language development theories and practices used with children who are deaf without advocating any one. In this edition, there are several significant additions - for example, a section on language assessment and a chapter on reading and writing practices. The chapter on ASL and English has undergone several changes, including additional research and descriptions of bilingual models. Comprehensive, organized, and well written, this text has significant implications for how children in general acquire language, reading, and writing skills and how these processes can be improved.

Contents include Normal Language Development, Language Development in Prelinguistically Deaf Children, Natural Language Approach: Principles and Practices, Structured and Combined Approaches to Teaching Language, Specialized Aspects of Language Development, ASL/English Bilingual Education, and much more.

Cat. No.    PE6667            book                                                                                       $38.00

Assessment/Management of Mainstreamed Hearing Impaired Children
Principles and Practices
Mark Ross, Diane Brackett, and Antonia Brancia Maxon

The theoretical and practical considerations of developing appropriate programming for children with hearing loss who are being educated in mainstream settings are presented. The book addresses issues related to children with hearing loss who are primarily oral/aural. It can be used as a practical resource text by speech language pathologists, audiologists, or teachers of the deaf who are responsible for providing assessment or management services to children. In addition, it is appropriate for graduate level students in aural rehabilitation or for others training to work with children who are hearing impaired. The reader should have a basic knowledge of normal language development; auditory function; and speech, language and hearing assessment.

Cat. No.     PE1969            book                                                                                       $41.00

Psychoeducational Assessment of Hearing Impaired Students
Infancy through High School
Sharon Bradley-Johnson and Larry D. Evans

This text presents information related to the assessment of students with hearing loss, including issues and characteristics of students with hearing loss; reviews of the technical adequacy of norm- and criterion-referenced tests and use of curriculum based measures; publication information and descriptions of the tests and subtests; information on standardization, reliability, and validity; and a summary of each test's strengths and limitations.

Testing is only one aspect of the assessment process. Use of interviews, review of school records, and use of classroom observation are discussed. Checklists of procedures for use before, during, and after assessment are provided to aid examiners in obtaining valid results.

Cat. No.    PE1949            book                                                                                       $29.00

Classroom Publishing
A Practical Guide to Enhancing Student Literacy
Laurie King and Dennis Stovall

Thinking, reading, writing and joy can go together naturally. This excellent resource reveals an amazing range of student publishing projects, backed up with practical how-to details. Projects cross curriculum, suggest ways to involve reluctant learners, and show how to tailor projects to any grade, budget or level of technology.

Cat. No.     5525                book                                                                                        $22.95

Many Ways of Hearing
94 Multitasked Lessons in Listening
Claire Blatchford

This collection of hands-on activities will encourage your students to explore the concept of sound through language arts, science, social studies, music and art. Students will expand their understanding of the communication process as they explore the mechanics of sound, the way we "hear" through other senses, and more.

Different kinds and levels of intelligence are addressed through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities as students learn how language develops. Twelve chapters progress from the mechanics of hearing and the physics of sound to the loss of hearing and ways we acquire knowledge through other senses. Comprehensive teacher materials include background information, implementation suggestions, extension activities, and more.

Help your students understand the concept of sound with these multitasked lessons in listening!

Cat. No.    27912              book                                                                                        $22.95

Self Advocacy for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Kristina English

When deaf or hard of hearing students graduate, the special education safety net is replaced by a set of legal protections that shift responsibility to students. Individuals must seek out services for work, college, and vocational training on their own. Many are not prepared to take on this role of self-advocacy. This book addresses these concerns. It consists of 14 lessons on these topics:

Cat. No.     PE8378            book                                                                                        $29.00

The Full Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in American Society
Bob Rittenhouse and Jess Dancer

This monograph addresses the question of integration for persons with disabilities. Education, social and employment environments provide the contextual framework for this current event discussion. The chapters are contributed by nationally recognized scholars in special education, learning disabilities, audiology and deafness.

Cat. No.     7118                 book                                                                                          $9.95

Least Restrictive Environment
The Paradox of Inclusion
Lawrence M. Siegel

Schools and parents have been dealing with student placement issues under the IDEA. By following the struggle of one family as they attempt to remove their child from the mainstream and place her in a state school for the deaf, the author provides an analysis of the law that controls her placement. This book shows how, even with the best of intentions, instituting full inclusion may leave some deaf students isolated in a classroom full of children.

The book illustrates:

This book presents compelling arguments for educating some children outside the regular school environment.

Cat. No.     53792               book                                                                                         $27.50

Psychological Development of Deaf Children
Marc Marschark

This careful and balanced overview provides a psychological perspective on deaf children and deafness while debunking a number of popular notions about deaf people, and forges an integrated understanding of social, emotional, linguistic, cognitive and creative development as they are affected by childhood deafness.

Cat. No.    15759               book                                                                                         $19.95

Psychological Perspectives on Deafness
Volume I (1993)
edited by Marc Marschark and M. Diane Clark

Focusing on the psychological foundations and implications of deafness, this volume provides a scholarly overview of research concerning deaf individuals, deafness, and related topics. Taken together, the chapters offer a coherent picture of the scientific issues facing deafness researchers and the relationships between biology, language, cognition, and social processes. Contributors provide forthright but balanced examinations of the goals, methodologies and interpretations of research relevant to their topics, while at the same time considering broader theoretical motivations and implications of relevant findings. This book provides a more comprehensive and integrative approach to deafness than previous books with either applied perspectives and goals, or with limited focus such as sign language or deaf education.

Cat. No.     10544               book - hardbound                                                                       $79.95

Psychological Perspectives on Deafness
Volume II (1998)
edited by Marc Marschark and M. Diane Clark

This volume picks up where Psychological Perspectives on Deafness, Volume I ended. Composed of review chapters that reflect cutting-edge views from well-known international researchers within the field, this book surveys issues such as cognition, learning disabilities, social development, language development and psychopathology. It also highlights the many new and exciting findings currently emerging from researchers across a variety of disciplines - psychology, education, linguistics and child development. The chapters will engage, challenge, and lead the field on to productive empirical and theoretical work relating to the broad range of questions which concern the psychological perspectives on deafness.

Cat. No.     27102               book - softcover                                                                         $39.95