Time, Money, Math

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Understanding Math Story Problems
Martha McGlothlin

These three workbooks teach students how to use language to comprehend and solve math story problems and to apply these principles to everyday use. They can be used individually or in groups and include suggestions for both teachers and parents. Key vocabulary words and phrases are presented as clues to guide students in selecting the calculations to use to solve story problems. This is especially helpful for students who may be able to perform the calculations but who cannot always interpret the language in the story problems. Book 1 is for students who read a second grade level, Book 2 for third grade readers, and Book 3 is for those at fourth grade or higher. The problems are controlled for vocabulary, sentence length, and complexity according to reading level. A pretest in each workbook identifies students who are unable to perform the calculations required in the story problems.

Reading level: approximately 2.0+

Cat. No.     PE0391             1 each of 3 workbooks                                                    $27.00

Counting Money
Elizabeth Foster

Counting Money is a series of 5 workbooks written to reinforce the introductory use of money. Each workbook proceeds slowly in hierarchically ordered steps beginning with small coins and culminating in bills. The 76 highly visual work pages provide review of previous lessons to ensure success. These books are designed for students to work at their own paces.

Book 1: pennies and nickels to the value of 10 cents.
Book 2: pennies, nickels and dimes to the value of 20 cents and review of Book 1.
Book 3: pennies, nickels and dimes to the value of $1 and review of Books 1-2.
Book 4: pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to the value of $1 & review of Books 1-3.
Book 5: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters & dollars to the value of $5 & review of Books 1-4.

Elementary-adult basic education
Reading level: approximately 1.0.

Cat. No.     PE6240            1 each of 5 workbooks                                                    $39.00
Cat. No.     PE6241            workbook 1                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6242            workbook 2                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6243            workbook 3                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6244            workbook 4                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6245            workbook 5                                                                      $9.00

Time Concepts
James Lattyak and Suzanne Dedrick

This series focuses on teaching specific time concepts used in everyday conversations and printed media, such as public transportation schedules, employment regulations and newspapers.

The series uses visual presentation of concepts of day, week, month, season and year in a variety of independent student activities of increasing difficulty, including review pages. The workbooks contain suggested procedures for the teacher and answer keys for self-correction.

Reading level: approximately 2.0

Cat. No.     PE6500             1 each of 5 workbooks                                                   $39.00
Cat. No.     PE6501             Day by Day                                                                     $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6502             Week by Week                                                                $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6503             Year by Year                                                                   $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6505             Season by Season                                                            $9.00

Time Is Now
Elizabeth Foster

This series of 4 workbooks concentrates on the numeral time (2:15), rather than on phrases such as "half past." The highly visual workbooks progress from the simple to the complex, with review of previous lessons. Books are designed for students to work at their own paces.

Book 1: hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes
Book 2: 45 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and Book 1 review
Book 3: 40 minutes, 50 minutes, 25 minutes and Books 1-2 review
Book 4: 35 minutes, 55 minutes, 5 minutes and Books 1-3 review

Target Group: elementary - Adult Basic Education
Reading Level: approximately 1.0

Cat. No.     PE6510             1 each of 4 workbooks                                                    $34.00
Cat. No.     PE6506             workbook 1                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6507             workbook 2                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6508             workbook 3                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6509             workbook 4                                                                      $9.00