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Communication Training for Hearing Impaired Children and Teenagers
Speechreading, Listening and Using Repair Strategies

Nancy Tye-Murray

A unique training program that is engaging and easy to implement. This program is the only program currently available that combines speechreading, listening, and repair strategy training using speech materials that are meaningful to children and teenagers.

Students receive both speechreading and auditory training so they can establish associations between corresponding auditory and audiovisual stimuli. Students also learn to use repair strategies when they do not understand a sentence.

The training activities are simple to present and do not require advance preparation. Extensive testing of the student's communication sills before or during training is not necessary to establish therapy objectives since training is adaptive. The instructor is provided with the means to alter the level of training difficulty according to the student's ongoing performance, degree of hearing loss, and maturity.

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Communication Training for Hearing Impaired Teenagers and Young Adults
Listening, Speechreading and Using Conversational Strategies
Nancy Tye-Murray

The training activities in this book provide speech perception training practice to older teenagers and adults. Students or clients also receive practice in using conversational strategies that promote successful conversation. Activities include syllable and sentence drill, continuous discourse tracking, simulated conversations, and prepared discussions about communication strategies.

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Speech Reading for Adults

Pamela Jo Feehan, Ruth Samuelsen, Deborah Seymour

Clues is a method utilizing speaker lip movements, facial expressions, gestures, and other visual clues to comprehend verbal language. Development of residual hearing and listening skills is encouraged to supplement visual cues. Studies indicate speechreading has various roles, depending on the population using it.

The instructor needs to know the student's vocabulary needs. The materials in Clues have been aimed at the 8th grade reading and language level. Lessons are written to help the speechreading instructor use both analytic and synthetic methods. The analytic approach teaches about the visibility of sounds from a speaker. The synthetic approach involves the identification of entire messages, as well as the recognition of verbal elements.


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