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Parts of Speech
An Introduction to English Language Structures
Susan Rose and Frank Roberts

This excellent five part series provides users with a complete, though clear overview of the primary syntactical structures used in the English language. Students, teachers and interpreters will benefit from this easy to use lesson series which includes samples of how syntactical rules may be applied. Each lesson provides a summary of a syntactic structure, examples, practice exercises and examples of how these structures may change. Lessons cover determiners, relativization, negation, nominalization and complementation. This series software runs on Macintosh computers, displaying in black and white. Perfect for home or classroom.

Cat No.     2192              software                                                                                  $75.00

The Speech and Hearing Systems
An Introduction to the Sounds of Speech and the Hearing Mechanism
Frank Roberts and Susan Rose

Enjoy an easy exploration into how we hear and create the sounds of speech. This four part series provides users with a comprehensive overview of the structure of the ear, the processes we use to create speech, and how phonemes are produced. Students, parents and professionals will discover an interactive introductory exploration into speech and hearing. The lessons cover the anatomy of the ear, how sounds are made, the phonemes of speech, and practicing with phonemes. This series software runs on Macintosh computers and is an excellent resource for personal or professional use.

Cat. No.     2206              software                                                                                  $55.00

The Multimedia Dictionary of American Sign Language
(1996 version 1.0)

This CD-ROM contains 500 signed word entries, manual alphabet and numbers 0-9. Ideal for beginning ASL learners. Easy to use. Actual video demonstrations.

68020+ Mac or Power Mac; 8mb RAM
RGB color monitor (256 color or above); CD-ROM drive
Mac Operating System 7.0 Software or higher
QuickTime version 1.0 or higher

Cat No.     9605              software                                                                                     $9.95

Graphics Communication Device
Majula Waldron and Susan Rose

Enjoy real-time communication between your Macintosh and another Mac user with the Graphics Communication Device. This exciting software allows you and the other user to see what you are typing as it happens! The system includes simple graphics to accentuate key words and even allows you to design and add your own! Complete with an excellently illustrated and easy to follow user's manual, this software is a must for any Mac user who enjoys the excitement of one-on-one computer conversation. Also makes a great gift for the computer-lover you know!

Cat. No.     2125             software                                                                                    $25.00