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Picture Plus Dictionary
Virginia McKinney

"Whether in the home, school or professional setting, this dictionary is for you."
                                                                         - Doreathe Cole, The Endeavor

Finally, the practical illustrated dictionary you've been looking for is here! This excellent unique resource contains literally thousands of words. Organized in English word order, each word is spelled and its proper part of speech is clearly identified. Each word is then accompanied by an illustration of its sign and an English sentence in which the word is used! There's even an illustration depicting the situation of the sentence! Designed from 30 years of experience in education of deaf students, this dictionary is truly one of a kind. Affordably priced, this is a resource you will not want to be without!

Cat. No.     2249              book - hardcover                                                                      $49.00

Underwater Communication
A Guide for Commercial and Sport Divers
Jess Freeman King

A clear and precise method of underwater communication is in your hands! The author, a NAUI certified diver and university educator in the field of deafness, has developed this simple and fun-to-learn system of communication based on American Sign Language. Perfect for the professional and amateur divers who need to communicate to one another without the aid of expensive electronic devices. More complete than standard diving signs, the adaptation of ASL is the obvious expanded communications technique in diving. Large, clearly designed illustrations show you the quick and easy way to work and play underwater without losing the ability to communicate. This delightful guide may be used as a personal reference or as a tutorial for underwater communication classes.

Cat. No.     2001             book - softcover                                                                       $14.95

Dormac Easy English Dictionary
Dorothee Baker and Constance Bettino
Edited by Dorothy McCarr, James E. McCarr, Lucille Eckert, Sara Natwick

The 512 page dictionary, containing 5,000 entries, meets the needs of those who have limited reading and comprehension abilities. The large number of illustrations, combined with the controlled syntax and vocabulary in the definitions and usage sentences, makes this dictionary invaluable.

Features include:

- an easy-to-read format with large type
- idiomatic expressions included as entry words
- illustrations on every page
- contextual use shown for each meaning
- Thorndike markings used in all entries
- two-word verbs included as entry words
- part of speech identified for each meaning

This unique dictionary provides a nonthreatening, easy-to-understand resource that students will want to use frequently on their own. This will provide independence for both you and the student.

Reading level: approximately 1.0-4.0

Cat. No.     PE6247            book - hardcover                                                                      $34.00
Cat. No.     PE6248            book - softcover                                                                       $19.00

Lexicon of ASL
Sorenson Vision

SignLink is an interactive learning tool using video clips of the most common ASL signs. There are over 1,000 video clips linked to more than 2,300 English equivalents, accessible in three ways. Most familiar are alphabetic listing with a "scroll as you type" feature and word search allowing a search by typing English equivalents.

SignLink's advanced parameter search allows searching by linguistic parameters, returning a list of the most accurate matches. Each sign is categorized by handshape, palm orientation, body location, movement, and non-manual behavior, each of which is a basis for a parameter search. SignLink includes still more! It includes introductory tutorials on the structure and grammar of ASL, ASL history, and Deaf culture. Compare the features and extras of SignLink to any other ASL CD available, then compare prices. There is simply no better value available.

System requirements:
Macintosh System 7 or later   Windows 95
68040 or PowerPC processor  80486 66MHz or faster processor
12 megabytes of RAM    16 megabytes of RAM
2 CD-ROM drive   2 CD-ROM drive

Cat No.    17001             software                                                                                      $59.95