Writing and Reading

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I Can Write
Dorothy McCarr

Each of these 3 workbooks contains 78 semiprogrammed pages leading the student to write simple sentences through a systematic fadeout program.

These workbooks make excellent supplementary material for the Apple Tree Language Program for students who are in need of repetition and reinforcement. Each workbook develops the use of eight action verbs, such as drinking, climbing and pulling.

Reading level: approximately 1.0-1.5

Cat. No.   PE6275        1 each of 3 workbooks                                                                   $24.00
Cat. No.   PE6276        workbook 1                                                                                     $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6277        workbook 2                                                                                     $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6278        workbook 3                                                                                     $9.00

Patterned Language
Bill Peck

Patterned Language was designed to help learners express themselves with well organized written language. Patterned Language's flexibility can be used with any language philosophy or instructional approach. The key is to show what can be done with the words a learner has, not how many words a learner has. Using color coding of basic syntactical structures, Patterned Language provides a visual means of internalizing the rules of language that hearing learners gain at young ages. It provides a strong tool to organize existing language and to develop new language skills.

Unit 1 - learners acquire a printed word vocabulary and communicate with it on a 1-word basis. Generally used with preschool and kindergarten.

Unit 2 - learners communicate with 2 and 3-word strings, then expand those strings into full sentences. Learners construct more difficult sentences and progress from word-card manipulation and copying to the ability to write sentences. Generally used with grades 1-5.

Unit 3 - learners write basic sentence patterns as statements or questions, and transform basic sentences into compound and complex sentence patterns. Generally used with grades 6-8.

Integrate Patterned Language into all-day language acquisition and watch your learner succeed with written communication.

Instructional help is available by live workshop. Ongoing assistance is available on the internet: an e-mail address is provided with every purchase.

Cat. No.   PL1100       Unit 1                                                                                                 $70.00
Cat. No.   PL1200       Unit 2                                                                                               $140.00
Cat. No.   PL1300       Unit 3                                                                                               $132.00
Cat. No.   PL0010       introductory videotape                                                                           $5.00

Apple Tree Language Program
Marcia Anderson, Norma Jean Boren, Janis Kilgore, Wyman Howard, Emmylou Krohn

This language system provides a sequence of procedures for the construction and development of basic English sentence structures. Its main thrust is to help the student develop written language skills.

The program reinforces and builds on material previously introduced and allows for development of vocabulary and related concepts. Small steps ensure students' success and continuous learning. The result is improved self-image and the motivation to master more material.

Ten basic language structures are taught:


Reading level: approximately 1.5-3.0

Cat. No.   PE6200       tm, pre-post test, 1 each 6 workbooks                                                $69.00
Cat. No.   PE6201       teacher manual                                                                                 $19.00
Cat. No.   PE6202       pre-post test booklet                                                                           $8.00
Cat. No.   PE6203       workbook 1                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6204       workbook 2                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6205       workbook 3                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6206       workbook 4                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6207       workbook 5                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6208       workbook 6                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6210       1 each 6 workbooks                                                                         $49.00

Reading: Its So Easy to See (R.I.S.E.S.)
Ellyn Arwood and Judy McInroy

The RISES Manual and Work Pages provide a user friendly approach to reading. Teachers and parents find the format easy to facilitate. The step-by-step booklet takes a nonreader through pictures, picture dictionaries and story scripts into conventional reading and writing. The Work Pages include five, five page story scripts.

Cat. No.   AP104       manual and set of work pages                                                            $34.95

Reading: Its So Easy to See II (RISES II)
Ellyn Arwood and Ilene Unruh

Developed to guide students grades 3-6+ through a visual process of writing and reading their own meaningful, relational stories about pictured real-life events. Students tell, draw, read, write and refine their ideas to complete a final story. Using visual language techniques, works with varying literacy skill levels. Easy to use without formal training since all instructions are built into the story script process. Manual includes product background and instructions, reproducible copymasters for 25 picture and story script sets, and supporting forms.

Cat. No.   AP106       manual and set of work pages                                                            $179.00

Reading for Meaning
An Illustrated Alternative Approach to Reading
Jon Eisenson

Employ this alternative approach to teaching reading to students who benefit from visual instruction. Reading for Meaning is helpful for students who have difficulty making associations between sight and sound. It uses a sight-to-sight correlation rather than a sound-to-sight connection. Students see a word and a picture together, so the connection is made visually.

The vocabulary selected includes high frequency words used by primary grade children. Each level in the program follows normal language acquisition for basic grammar, so you can more easily establish English sequences. Simply put, Reading for Meaning does not require separate instruction for hearing conventions of written English because the sight-to-sight approach establishes meaning at the outset.

The program is inexpensive and easy to give. With instruction it can be used by aides and parents. The program has five levels, with two or more examples for each type of sentence construction.

Cat. No.   PE8690       complete set                                                                                  $139.00

Metaphor Stories for Deaf Children
Bob Rittenhouse

Help your students succeed in reading and language development by providing experience in working with metaphoric language. Twelve brief scenarios, each followed by four sentences (only one of which is correct) provide instruction and practice in figurative language. These are followed by twenty-six longer stories and accompanying sentences. The stories are arranged in order of linguistic and conceptual difficulty.

Cat. No.   2338           book - spiral bound                                                                         $14.95