Vocabulary Building

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Library of Vocabulary Photographs

This collection of full-color photographs provides all the visual material needed to build vocabulary, teach categorizations, and further numerous language/speech skills.

These photos were developed to provide complete sets of pictures in categories. The kind and quality of photographs have been geared to appeal to all age groups. Each of the 13 picture groups contains 47 clear examples of everyday and not-so-everyday items - from appliances to elbows to mangoes. The 3.25" x 4.25" cards are printed on good quality card stock with a protective varnish coating.

Cat. No.     PE6100          complete set of 13 picture groups                                                   $109.00

Photo Resource Kit
Nouns - Verbs - Prepositions

Photos are ideal clinical tools. Each kit includes more than 200 individual black-and-white photos of very familiar objects. The general categories of objects include furniture, utensils, clothing, food, personal effects, transportation, tools, and familiar insects and animals. Verbs and Prepositions depict both children and adults in action settings.

Each 4.25" x 5" card is printed in black and white on sturdy card stock, coated with protective varnish for durability.

Elementary-high school

Cat. No.     PE2875          complete set of 3 kits (600 photos)                                                $189.00

Countless Categories
Monica Gustafson

Geared toward children from 5 to 9 years old. A set of blackline masters, Countless Categories illustrates vocabulary within basic category groupings. Category groupings are: animals, clothing, shapes and their uses, food, seasons, people and the things they use, homes, and senses. Included are a number of game boards representing one of the major category headings. Subcategories provided are designed to increase the student's knowledge of vocabulary, associations, categorization, characteristics within categories, and basic problem solving skills.

Cat. No.     PE3661          book - spiral bound                                                                       $27.00

Crossword Sticklers
Dorothee Baker

Here's the most useful and flexible teaching tool for reading, writing and math to come along in decades! An easy-to-use, hands-on system for creating crossword puzzles, graphs, line charts and axes. CrossWord Sticklers is dynamic learning in a fun, game-like format great for any age group - primary to adults. Improves vocabulary and concept development, spelling and dictionary skills, and creative thinking. In five easy steps, you and your students will be building creative puzzles, applying them to the learning process, and publishing them for all to enjoy! Or create exciting mathematics charts and graphs! Comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, blackline masters for producing sharp, easily readable crosswords, 10 pads of crossword strips, a versatile puzzle protector and a handy marker. Improves literacy, math skills, and creativity. Fun bilingual study applications as well!

Cat. No.     9001               basic pack                                                                                   $19.50
Cat. No.     901X              class pack (5 students; 480 strips)                                                  $49.50
Cat. No.     9036               strip replacement pack                                                                  $17.50

My Words
Dorothy McCarr

This series consists of 10 workbooks that enable students to learn to read, spell and write basic vocabulary words. Each 85-page workbook contains tasks with varied levels of difficulty: match word to word, match word to picture, fill in the missing letters, write in the words, and a final evaluation.

Elementary - adult basic education
Reading level: approximately 0-3.0

Cat. No.     PE6300          1 each of 10 workbooks                                                                  $79.00
Cat. No.     PE6301          workbook 1                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6302          workbook 2                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6303          workbook 3                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6304          workbook 4                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6305          workbook 5                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6306          workbook 6                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6307          workbook 7                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6308          workbook 8                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6309          workbook 9                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.     PE6310          workbook 10                                                                                    $9.00

Vocabulary Exercises for the Young Adult
Dorothy McCarr

Designed for the student who needs to build useful, meaningful vocabulary to succeed in everyday life. The 7 workbooks are written for a reading level of 2-3rd grade, although the vocabulary words are of a higher level. The 2100 words have been chosen from newspapers and magazines accessible to most young adults. Each 100-page book contains 15 lessons of six exercises each. Included are new words, scrambled words, dictionary use, missing words, scrambled sentences, and creating sentences. Answer keys are provided at the back of each book. The Glossary is a completion of the 2100 words used in the workbooks.

Reading Level: approximately 2.0-3.0

Cat. No.   PE6520        workbooks A-G & glossary                                                               $69.00
Cat. No.   PE6521        workbook A                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6522        workbook B                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6523        workbook C                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6524        workbook D                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6525        workbook E                                                                                        $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6526        workbook F                                                                                        $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6527        workbook G                                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6528        glossary                                                                                              $9.00

Many Meanings
Suzanne Dedrick and James Lattyak

Teaches three variant meanings of 25 key words to students with limited understanding of words with many meanings. Allows students to work independently. Program uses high-interest exercises and illustrations. After every five words there is an evaluation/ review and a cumulative review. Answer keys are provided in each book.

Reading level: approximately 2.0-2.5

Cat. No.    PE6290         1 each of 3 workbooks                                                                    $24.00
Cat. No.    PE6288         workbook 1                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.    PE6289         workbook 2                                                                                      $9.00
Cat. No.    PE6291         workbook 3                                                                                      $9.00

Multiple Meanings
Suzanne Dedrick and James Lattyak

Intended for use by students in elementary and above with limited understanding of words having more than one meaning. Books teach two meanings for each selected word. Grammatical complexity increases gradually within each book to challenge the student. Two illustrated pages are used to teach initial meaning discriminations, with regular review and intermittent progress evaluation. Answer keys are at the back of the books.

Reading level, approximate

Book A-1.5
Book B-2.0-2.5
Book C-3.0

Cat. No.    PE6295         1 each of 3 workbooks                                                                    $24.00
Cat. No.    PE6292         workbook A                                                                                     $9.00
Cat. No.    PE6293         workbook B                                                                                     $9.00
Cat. No.    PE6294         workbook C                                                                                     $9.00

Multiple Meanings for the Young Adult
Dorothy McCarr

Motivational, fun exercises that help older students build a meaningful vocabulary. The exercises focus on common words that have many different meanings. Eighty common, practical words found in newspapers, magazines and texts are included. Twenty lessons each include four words, with 3 exercises for each word. Each of the 4 words in the lesson has from 4 to 10 definitions.

Exercise 1 of each lesson has 10 sentences using the word in different contexts. The student identifies the correct usage of the word from the definition page. In exercise 2, the student matches parts of a sentence from 2 columns (10 sentences total). In exercise 3, the student writes the complete sentences formed in Exercise 2 and indicates the correct definition for the word as found on the definition page at the beginning of the lesson.

An answer key is included at the back of the workbook for students who are capable of working independently; it also may be removed by the instructor.

Middle school - adult
Reading Level: approximately 2.0-3.0

Cat. No.    PE6972         workbook                                                                                         $9.00

Myra Shulman Auslin

Each of seven workbooks can be used in either a group or individualized setting. Each idiom is presented within the context of a short paragraph, followed by exercises that cover its definition, its application, vocabulary development, comprehension, and application of the idiom to the students' own experiences. The exercises help students develop inferential reading skills. Each book contains 50 idioms with humorous illustrations, teaching suggestions, and an answer key.

Reading level: approximately 3.0

Cat. No.   PE6250        1 each of 7 workbooks                                                                    $59.00
Cat. No.   PE6251        Hold Your Horses                                                                             $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6252        In the Dog House                                                                              $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6253        Raining Cats and Dogs                                                                       $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6254        Back Off                                                                                          $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6255        Out of This World                                                                             $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6256        Monkey Business                                                                              $9.00
Cat. No.   PE6257        Sticky Fingers                                                                                   $9.00