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Dina the Deaf Dinosaur
Carole Addabbo

"A book to be cherished and given many times over."
                                                 - Hannah Merker, Newswaves

This childrens book is a charming story about a deaf dinosaur that wants to learn sign language. Presented with full color illustrations and in hard cover, this book is bound to be a favorite for many families.

Cat. No.     62048             book - hardcover                                                                            $19.95

Wolf Country I
A Mystery in Progress

Barbara Robbins

On Michigan's Isle Royale, wild wolves have been closely studied. No new wolves were born on the island, so there was great excitement in 1993 when four pups were born. There was speculation as to how the pups would survive when the parents died. This true story and the problem of the delicate ecological balance on Isle Royale are told through English words and illustrated sign language. Activities and related information are interspersed throughout the book. Intended for ages six and up.

Cat. No.     6029               book - softcover                                                                             $17.95

Thanks A Lot!
Lucille Kraiman

Before his family moved, Jordan attended a school where sign language was used instead of speech. Now he finds himself in a new school, with new friends and new challenges, in a place where speech is the main mode of communication. Follow Jordan's adventures as he overcomes new obstacles (including the class bully, Max), meets new friends, and finds his place in the Thanksgiving play. Fourth grade readers, both deaf and hearing alike, will identify with this wonderful story. Written by an author and teacher, this novel will teach timeless lessons of courage and persistence while it amuses and entertains with humor and style. A must for every child's library!

Cat. No.     2052               book - softcover                                                                             $9.95

Barbara Luetke-Stahlman

Join Hannah in a year-in-the-life tale of friendship, loyalty, and growing up. This marvelous story of Hannah and her two deaf sisters is told by the best person to tell the tale, Hannah's mother. Written with love and humor, this novel will keep fifth grade readers enthralled with the fun and foibles of Hannah and her friends! This book provides valuable insights into the joys and challenges of living and growing up with deaf siblings and is an excellent book for deaf and hearing children alike. By a talented and experienced author, this is a well-written book for all young readers!

Cat. No.     215X               book - softcover                                                                            $9.95

Balancing Act
Virginia M. Scott

"Every page of this book, written in the first person from Beth's point of view,
has the reader walking beside her."
                                                - Hannah Merker, Newswaves

Teachers and parents will welcome this book as a first of its kind. Affordable for class sets, Balancing Act is an excellent whole language resource, presenting the fast moving, involving story of a 15-year-old girl with a significant balance impairment coupled with hearing loss. Young adults will be intrigued by the Egyptian settings and suspenseful climax, and most will readily identify with family relationships and social issues as they relate to a character who just happens not to hear normally or walk right. Written by the author of Belonging, the novel rings with authenticity, as it should, since Virginia M. Scott lost her hearing as a teenager and is balance-impaired. Balancing Act is a life-affirming look at the need to accept and to be accepted that deserves a niche on junior and high school library shelves, in the young adult section of the public library, and in classrooms everywhere.

Cat. No.     2222               book - softcover                                                                             $4.99