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Signs in Success
Profiles of Deaf Americans

Ron Podmore

Every life can make an impact! That's the message behind this remarkable collection of five short biographies of unique and extraordinary Deaf Americans. From the first Deaf president of Gallaudet University I. King Jordan to ground breaking, Oscar winning actress Marlee Matlin, the lives of great Deaf achievers are brought to new and personal light in this easy to read book. Written for a third grade level.

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Living Legends
Stories about Successful Deaf People
Book I (1996)
Book II (1998)
Darlene Toole

Six extraordinary people come alive on the pages of each of these dynamic collections of biographies of deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Students will enjoy reading about these fascinating role models as they face the challenges of living in the contemporary world and exceed even their own expectations! Written with follow-up exercises for students and helpful Words to Know lists, these are wonderful resources for children offering fine and inspiring examples of successful and accomplished deaf people. Excellent advice for the professionals make this a great resource for teachers and parents.

Book 1 includes Grammy winning percussionist Evelyn Glennie, actor Howie Seago, educator (and the first African-American Deaf woman PhD) Dr. Shirley Allen, skydiver John Woo, correspondent and advocate Karen Meyer, and educator and author Paul Ogden.

Book 2 includes chef Danny Delcambre, comedian Kathy Buckley, author and publisher Ken Glickman, basketball star Bethany "Buffy" Hummel, educator Dr. Robert Davila and educator Laurene Gallimore.

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Cat. No.     232X              book II - softcover                                                                           $7.95

Significant Contributions of Deaf Women and Men

Anita Davis and Katharine Preston

Discover the fascinating lives and contributions of twenty notable deaf women and men! Here is a superlative, easy-to-use activity book accessible to most young reading levels is the story of deaf individuals who made significant contributions in the areas of literature, math, science, the fine arts, social studies, health, sports and politics. This invaluable resource includes related activities using Bloom's Taxonomy to explore group/independent study, language and communication, manipulative skills. The clear, understandable enrichment sections are designed for independent work with features such as word searches, crossword puzzles, and cut-and-paste sheets. This is a must-have, time-saving resource for every teacher.

Reproducible exercises!

Cat. No.     2141               book - softcover                                                                             $14.95

Deaf Communities
A Worldwide Perspective

Jack Olson

The Theater of Silence travels to many places around the world. Based on the extensive travels of this world-renowned theater troupe for deaf and intercultural audiences, this exciting book explores deaf communities in Norway, Scotland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Jamaica, the Philippines, and Kenya. Written for middle school students, this book introduces readers to lives of people not as unlike us as we might suspect. Complete with statistics and maps for each country.

Cat. No.     201X               book - softcover                                                                             $9.95