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Establishing a Freelance Interpretation Business
Professional Guidance for Sign Language Interpreters
Second Edition (1998)
Tammera Fischer

One of our best selling books! This authoritative and comprehensive guide is a must for anyone planning to become a professional freelance sign language interpreter. Everything you need to know is here: the in's and out's of certification; legal, tax and liability insurance considerations; questions of ethics and attorney/client confidentiality. Includes firsthand, tried-and-true advice on organizing your business, marketing, scheduling and billing systems, as well as the practical use of team interpretation, audio-visual presentations and confidential case notes. Sample forms, a glossary and a resource list offer valuable practical assistance. Here's your guide to starting your business, increasing your training and experience, and assuring your success as a freelance interpreter!

Cat. No.     2346               book - softcover                                                                         $14.95

Sign the Speech
An Introduction to Theatrical Interpreting

Julie Gebron

At long last, advice for the theatrical interpreter is here! Written by one of the nation's leading innovators in theatrical interpretation, this one-of-a-kind guide eases your way through the often confusing world of actors, directors and theater managers. Solid, practical advice on translating dialogue, the placement of interpreters, rehearsal and performance issues, the technical and artistic process, as well as theater etiquette and terminology. Great for the theater novice or the experienced theater interpreter! A comprehensive theater glossary and invaluable examples of contracts, note-taking and script-marking proves that this book is a must for anyone interested in the exciting world of theatrical interpretation.

Cat. No.     2044               book - softcover                                                                         $14.95

How to Use a Sign Language Interpreter
A Guide for Businesses

Tamara Moxham

Everything you ever wanted to know about interpreters (but didn't know where to ask)! An essential resource for every business and the interpreters who work with them. This book demystifies the role of the sign language interpreter clearly and accurately, especially for the layman who needs interpreter services. Includes a history of interpreting, a description of interpreter services, some of the myths and misunderstandings about access, tips for securing and using interpreter services, plus excellent advice for businesses and a practical glossary. Save time and impress your clients by providing them this accessible, affordable, invaluable resource!

Cat. No.     2176               booklet                                                                                          $7.95
Cat. No.     2177               10+ copies: each at                                                                         $6.95

Technical Sign Manuals
These manuals from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester stem from the Technical Signs Project. The project mission was to further precise communication in certain environments through a national system. These are excellent resources for professionals and students working in technical situations.

Cat. No.     9504               book: Communication: Audiology                                                    $10.00
Cat. No.     9505               book: Career Education                                                                  $10.00
Cat. No.     9506               book: English                                                                                 $6.00
Cat. No.     9507               book: Religion / Catholic                                                                 $15.00
Cat. No.     9508               book: Theater                                                                                $15.00
Cat. No.     9509               book: Social Work                                                                         $10.00
Cat. No.     9510               book: Science & Mathematics                                                         $25.00
Cat. No.     9511               book: Legal                                                                                   $25.00