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ASL Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf Children
Jess Freeman King and Jan Kelley-King

"This book is long overdue!"
                 - Sandy Harvey, American Society for Deaf Children

You've learned that your child is deaf. What do you do now? Get a jump-start with this must-have resource for any parent of a deaf child. This practical, easy-to-use book and double videotape set provide an invaluable introduction to ASL, allowing parents to begin communicating with their child almost immediately. The fundamentals of ASL concepts and structure are clearly presented with easy-to-follow practice activities, practical examples, even a resource list! A closed-captioned videotape illustrates introductory concepts, provides visual examples to follow. A second videotape demonstrates many of the practice exercises. Also excellent for teachers who need a basic introduction to communicating with deaf children.

Cat. No.     2060               book - softcover                                                                           $19.95
Cat. No.     2079               2-videotape set                                                                             $59.95

Sign with Me
A Family Sign Language Curriculum

Mary Pat Moeller and Brenda Schick

Teach your whole family to sign and communicate with your deaf infant or toddler with this video/workbook series. Everyone can learn at his/her own pace and schedule. Each volume comes in a sturdy plastic case and contains 2 videotapes and a workbook with a handy wipe-off acetate sheet so several family members can share one workbook. Each video runs approximately 75 minutes and contains eight lessons, supplemented by self-test exercises in the workbook.

Volume 1: Building Conversations
Teaches how to use signs to describe sentences, to follow the child's lead in communicating, and to use facial expressions and body movement.

Volume 2: Building Concepts
Teaches how to sign simple, expressive feelings, experiences, and concepts such as wet and dry, as well as to describe objects.

Volume 3: Positive Parenting
Shows parents how to discipline using a positive approach, how to handle tantrums, and how to teach appropriate behaviors.

Cat. No.     BT0533               Volume 1 ASL videotape                                                          $59.95
Cat. No.     BT0541               Volume 2 ASL videotape                                                          $59.95
Cat. No.     BT2024               Volume 3 ASL videotape                                                          $59.95
Cat. No.     BT0510               all 3 ASL videotapes                                                                $165.00

Cat. No.     BT0665               Volume 1 MCE videotape                                                        $59.95
Cat. No.     BT0673               Volume 2 MCE videotape                                                        $59.95
Cat. No.     BT0797               Volume 3 MCE videotape                                                        $59.95
Cat. No.     BT0512               all 3 MCE videotapes                                                              $165.00

Target Practice
M. Lynn Woolsey

ASL Teachers - have you ever wanted supplemental games and activities to support specific concepts such as articulation, numerals, topicalization and discourse? Target Practice is just what you need! The Teacher's Resource provides a description of possible areas of practice and skill level required for each game. Materials lists and preparation suggestions are offered, too. The Student Workbook includes pages of focused practice with a minimum of English directions. Packed with over 70 games and activities, Target Practice is divided into three sections by the amount of time needed to play the games. Games are played in pairs, small groups or large groups. Several of the activities focus specifically on the issues facing the Deaf and hard of hearing communities. This is a resource ASL teachers will use every day!

Cat. No.     229X                 teacher resource                                                                         $44.00
Cat. No.     2303                  student workbook                                                                      $39.00

Signs with Multiple English Meanings
Jess Freeman King and Jan Kelley-King

This 30-poster series depicts signs with multiple meanings in English. Each of the posters has a sign illustrated in the center along with the core English word to which it would translate. Around the central sign are listed other English words for which the sign is also used. An invaluable and attractive teaching tool, this resource fills a great need in an exciting and brilliant way. These posters will greatly enhance student translation skills.

Cat. No.    2230                  set of 30 posters                                                                          $55.00

Read with Me
Created by Brenda Schick and Pat Moeller

Story time has never been more exciting! These three videotapes provide wonderful entertainment and learning experiences for young deaf children. They're also great teaching aids for parents and others seeking to improve their skill at sign language storytelling.

Set 1: Sharing the Joy of Storytelling with Your Deaf Toddler

 Shows you how to use signs to make books and stories come alive for your child. Watch as skilled
 signers use signs, facial expression and body language to express ideas in interesting ways. Using
 popular children's books they show how to make the language of the story clear and exciting and
 how to share the book in a way that your child will want to watch!

Set 2 : Where the Wild Things Are
 Set your preschooler off on a journey with Max to a "wild rumpus" in a land of wild things. This
 story will excite and enthrall your child.

 More Bunny Trouble
 Ralph, the bunny, would rather play soccer than watch his little sister Emily.

Set 3 : How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

 The Grinch who, despite having a heart that's two sizes too small, learns the real meaning of
 Christmas from the residents of Who-ville.

 The Wolf's Chicken Stew
 A fox gets a big surprise when he gets a terrible craving for chicken stew.

Cat. No.    BT0592               Set 1 ASL videotape                                                                  $19.95
Cat. No.    BT0819               Set 1 ASL videotape                                                                  $13.99
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