Hearing Loss and Parenting

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My Friend is Deaf
Dana Pride

Kelly's friend, Ricky, is deaf. But that doesn't mean they aren't best friends! This wonderful booklet breaks apart barriers to understanding as Kelly learns the many forms of communication used by her deaf friends. She learns about signing, the TTY, closed-captioning, hearing-ear dogs, the use of interpreters, and lights as alerts. Written in storybook form, this booklet explains complex tools of communication simply and understandably. Here's an affordable, easy-to-read introduction to deaf communication for youngsters. Filled with delightful illustrations.

Cat. No.     2184               booklet                                                                                       $4.50

Families with Deaf Children
Discovering Your Needs, Exploring Your Choices

Your child has just been diagnosed with a severe hearing loss. What happens now? Get the best advice available: the experience of other parents of deaf children! This videotape guides you through the journey of discovery and the difficult choices ahead through the counsel and wisdom of parents who have been there before. Their incredible stories provide parents and professionals with a starting point for discussion and decision making.

Cat. No.     BT0835          videotape                                                                                     $19.99

Families with Hard-of-Hearing Children
What If Your Child Has a Hearing Loss?

Confused about the needs and choices you are faced with when you learn of your child's hearing loss? This video helps parents of children diagnosed with a partial hearing loss to know what's ahead. Following two families in their search for answers, this tape provides useful guidance about working with audiologists and school personnel to meet the child's needs, and helps parents anticipate possible problems and examine alternative solutions.

Cat. No.     BT0800          videotape                                                                                     $19.99

Mi Nombre Es Lupita Y Tengo Un Hijo Sordo
(1996) - in Spanish
Gina Aguirre-Larson

These six Spanish language booklets, presented in a friendly manner, introduce essential information to parents.

They cover:

Folleto 1: the ear, its parts and their functions.
Folleto 2: the types, causes and degrees of hearing loss.
Folleto 3: testing, audiology, hearing aides and their use, and cochlear implants.
Folleto 4: language and social development.
Folleto 5: philosophies about communication and education.
Folleto 6: home activities for language development.

This series is useful to parents who need good introductory material, and to professionals who need reference material in Spanish for the families with which they work.

Cat. No.     2168       set of 6 booklets                                                                                   $45.00

Raising and Educating a Deaf Child
A Comprehensive Guide to the Choices, Controversies, and
Decisions Faced by Parents and Educators
Marc Marschark

This book offers parents and teachers a readable and comprehensive summary including everything a parent would want to know about growing up deaf. Parents want to know the answers to some straightforward questions about language, schooling and employment. The author addresses these and other topics from deafness and Deaf culture to technological aids to educational and social opportunities. This book does not claim all the right answers, but guides parents through the many issues and choices. Based on this access to the best information, parents can make informed decisions for their child.

Cat. No.     94670       book                                                                                                  $25.00

The Silent Garden
Raising Your Deaf Child
Paul Ogden

The Silent Garden provides parents of deaf children with crucial information on the greater possibilities afforded their children today. Deaf since birth, professor of Deaf Studies Paul Ogden offers parents a firm foundation for making the decisions necessary to begin their child on the road to realizing his or her full potential. This encouraging book first helps parents to address critical concerns right away, such as how to communicate with their child. It then guides parents on issues such as educational choices, other beneficial professional help, and technological support. Case studies and interviews with parents of deaf children help to reassure parents that they can prepare their child for a full, productive life.

Cat. No.     80580       book - softcover                                                                                   $29.95

The Complete IEP Guide
How to Advocate for Your Special Ed Child
Lawrence Siegel

This is a manual for parents of special education children in the USA, children who have a right to a public school education. The IEP process that involves parents and educators can be complicated and stressful. Parents frequently feel at a disadvantaged when lined up against educational experts. Parent resources are scarce and attorneys are expensive. This complete and up-to-date guide is the answer. It clearly outlines how to:

- understand the details of the IEP,
- arrange the best possible program for your child, and
- take advantage of available administrative and legal options to resolve disputes with school districts
  over your child's education.

Cat. No.     4088          book                                                                                                  $24.95

Kid-Friendly Parenting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
A Treasury of Fun Activities Toward Better Behavior
Daria Medwid and Denise Chapman Weston

Hundreds of ideas and methods for dealing with behavior in children ages 3 to 12. Scores of play activities to help parents enhance communication, solve problems, and strengthen relationships in skillful, fun ways. Parenting techniques to help parents set limits while avoiding power struggles and to help foster positive behavior changes. Information about special resources and support services. A complete step-by-step guide and reference to raising a deaf or hard of hearing child for parents with
various styles.

Cat. No.     80319       book - softcover                                                                                   $24.95

You and Your Deaf Child
A Self-Help Guide for Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Second Edition (1997)
John Adams

Completely revised, this down-to-earth book focuses on such topics as feelings about hearing loss, the importance of communication in the family, and effective behavior management. Many chapters contain practice activities and questions to help parents retain new skills, while the appendices include references, general resources, checklists, and guidelines for evaluating educational programs.

Cat. No.     80602       book - softcover                                                                                  $19.95