Primary Curriculum Resources:

    Throughout the day, the students are exposed to and use various resources that can be helpful to their learning. The teacher uses these resource to prepare and educate the student about important issues in their lives. Although the following books are the primary resources for the teacher to use in the classroom, she also uses various materials and experiences to reinforce information. The materials and resources include overheads, teacher made materials, calculators, and field trips. These resources include:

Anema, D. (1990). Get hired: Finding job opportunities (2nd Ed.). Belmont, CA: Feuron/ Janus/ Quercus of Simon & Schuster Education Group

    This resource was use to instruct and inform students about job related issues. The topic ranges from how to look for a job to how to keep a job. It is important that students are instructed on how transition from school to the world of work.

    Carroll, D.V. (1985). The love bugs on venereal disease. Daly, CA: Krames Communication.

Krames Home Health Pamphlets - American health Value /home_health.html

    This pamphlet instructs students on venereal diseases, also known as sexually transmitted diseases. This is a very important issue for teenagers that must be addresses. It discusses the realities of unprotected sex and what it means to be exposed to these diseases

    Gardner, L. (1983). Scope english anthology; level two: Literature and reading program. New York, NY: Scholastic Book Services.

Scholastic Inc.

    This book provides students with an opportunity to read and develop their literacy skills. The teacher encourages students to read a loud, read silently, answer questions, and discuss stories in depth with one another.

    Harmeyer, K. (1997). Consumer mathematics. Circle Pines, MN: American Guidance Service, Inc.

    This a functional mathematic book designed to meet the needs of students in Special Education. The books encourages using calculators. It demonstrates how math can be most valuable to students in the real world.

Schwartz, L. (1987). AIDS answers for teens: grades 7-12. Santa Barbara, CA: The Learning Works, Inc.

    This resource informs students of the AIDS virus, a very important issue in today's society. Through this resource, the students learn the causes and consequences of AIDS.