By: SheRel L. Pringle
May 12, 1999

        My name is SheRel Pringle. I am currently a graduate student at Kent State University. I am earning a Master's degree in Deaf Education. I hold an undergraduate degree in Sociology. I have spent the last two years working with other graduate students in the Deaf Education program and the Audiology program, as trainee assistants in early intervention. As trainee assistants we have gained knowledge and experience working with deaf infants and toddlers, in collaboration with their families. Along with working as a trainee assistant, I have also done research on African American d/Deaf children.

A. Teaching Philosophy

B. Key Instructional Strategies

C. Primary Curriculum Resources

D. Essential Assessment Protocols

E. Major Classroom Management Techniques

F. References

New Information

Cooperating Teacher/ Classroom Information

A. Weekly Schedule

B. Teaching Philosophy

C. Key Instructional Strategies

D. Primary Curriculum Resources

E. Major Classroom Management

F. Essential Assessment Protocols

G. Collaboration Interactions