Weekly Schedule

        The students come to school by 7:45 am and leave at 2:25. The day is divided into 20-minute sections called "Mods". Mods are usually grouped together to form 40 minute periods with a 5 minute break in the middle. This type of scheduling allows for a 20-minute lunch period for each student.

        Throughout the week, the students in Mrs. Cundra’s class have additional classes and programs. These include speech and Job Link, which trains students in skills necessary to find a job. High School/High Tech is another program that they go to which takes them on field trips to various job sites such as factories, animal shelters, and the Greenhouse (in Cleveland). This program gives students information on various careers.

Monday through Friday:

Mods:      Class:

1/2          English I

3/4          American History

5/6          English II and III

7/8          Preparation Time

9/10        English III

11           20 Minute Prep

12/13      Lunch

14/15      English I

16/17      Health

Special Programs:

Speech: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Job Link: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
High School/High Tech: Days and times vary

        Mrs. Cundra arranges her schedule around the needs of her students. She works with the other Deaf Education teacher and the mainstream teachers to figure out the schedules of the students. She tries to arrange their time in her classroom based on their needs and abilities. She also groups the students together in this manner for their classes.