Contextual description

        Mrs. Cundra is a high school Deaf education teacher at a Cleveland, Ohio high school. She has been teaching for six years, all of which have been at that school. There are approximately 8 students in the program, with six students who are in the room on a regular basis. The students’ hearing ranges from those who are hard of hearing with mild to moderate losses, to those who are profoundly deaf. Their communication strategies range from using only verbal communication to using ASL as their primary mode of communication. Two of the students who are profoundly deaf use sign language combined with speech reading, to communicate. The rest of the students primarily depend upon their residual hearing and their voices to communicate. A few of the students have commented upon the fact that they can understand verbal communication better when it is accompanied by sign language. Both Mrs. Cundra, and the other Deaf education teacher, Mrs. Freeman use sign language in conjunction with speech when they teach the students, so that they are sure the students do not miss out on any important information.

        Mrs. Cundra’s room is down a hallway off of the main hall and is approximately 22’ long x 15’wide. Walking in the door, there is a small coat closet on the right, which also holds supplies such as paper and catalogs. To the right of that is the teacher’s desk. On the wall on the right is a chalkboard, a cart with paper on it, a cabinet with a computer and FM systems, and a small table which has a phone, pencil sharpener, and other miscellaneous items. On the back wall are three large windows with a radiator underneath them. To the left of the door is a cart with textbooks on it that is being stored by another teacher. Against the wall on the left side of the room is a cabinet full of books. Next to that is a set of shelves with textbooks such as civics, world history, African-American history, and health. Next to that is a cabinet full of paper and supplies. Next to that, there is a table, another set of shelves full of books, a cabinet with a microwave, and a cabinet with another computer.

        In the middle of the room there are five tables used for student desks, and an overhead projector. Next to those, in front of the windows are two large desks, which the interpreters use. There are some extra desks in the room, along with boxes, games, newspapers, trade books, and magazines.

        On the walls are posters reminding students about safe Internet use, homeroom news, and student work. There is also a closed-circuit television, which they watch occasionally, but which is not closed-captioned.

        Mrs. Freeman, whose room is at the other end of the hallway, often shares the room with Mrs. Cundra because of the computer. Occasionally, when Mrs. Cundra has no students in her room, Mrs. Freeman will bring her students in so that she can collaborate with Mrs. Cundra.