Collaborative Interactions



The interactions that take place between the teacher and others in the school building and school system differ from those of the other teachers in the building. Since she has been teaching at this school for a number of years, she is involved with many administrative groups. These interactions allow her to be involved on committees and other groups. Her interactions with other individuals are described below.

            1. Mrs. McCraith, the full time aide
                    A. They are involved in planning, preparation and teaching together in the classroom on a daily basis.

            2. Mrs. Jennins, the part-time aide
                    A. They are involved in planning, preparation, and working with the children together on a daily basis.

            3. The principal
                    A. They work on behavior management techniques together and other administrative issues.

            4. The secretaries
                    A. The secretaries are available to make phone calls, type letters, help with arranging field trips, help with using budgeted funds appropriately.

            5. The custodian
                    A. He is there to help with any maintenance problems that may arise, he also helps if there is a mess in the room that needs cleaned up or if other problems arise.

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