Curricular Resources

        The following resources are used to help plan lessons and activities on a regular basis. They are grouped by subject and use within the classroom. These are the resources that the teacher uses the most. There are many more, but too many to list them all.

Units and Activities:
        These are used to help plan units, lessons and activities. They also help plan the curriculum that will be used in the classroom, and how to adapt certain concepts so pre-school children will understand it.

Warren, Jean (1989). Theme-a-saurus. Warren Publishing House, Inc; Everett, Washington.

Claycomb, Patty (1992). The Busy Classroom. Gryphon House; Mt. Rainier, Maryland.

Schiller, P. & Rossano, J. (1990). The Instant Curriculum. Gryphon House; Mt. Rainier,  Maryland.

Herr, J. & Libby, Y. (1990). Creative Resources. Delmar Publishers, Inc.

Sanford, A., Williams, M. J., James, C. J., Overton, K. A. (1975). A Planning Guide to the Preschool Curriculum. Kaplan Press; Winston-Salem, NC.

AIMS Teaching and Learning. Fresno, CA.

The Mailbox: The Idea Magazine for Teachers. The Education Center, Inc.; Greensboro, NC.

        The following resources are used to help plan math lessons and activities. They are designed for a pre-school curriculum and are easily adapted for children with special needs. Many of the activities go along with the units that are done in the classroom.

Moomaw, S. & Hieronymus, B. (1995). More Than Counting. Gryphon House; Mt. Rainier, Maryland.

Kerr, Sue (1993). Math Through the Alphabet. Look at Me; Schaumberg, IL.

Burk, D., Snider, A., Symonds, P. (1988). Box It Or Bag It Mathematics. The Math Learning Center; Salem, OR.

Reading and Language:
        The following resources are used to help plan reading and language activities. Some of these resources give ideas of things that can be made in the kitchen that goes along with the unit being taught. The teacher uses most of these resources to get fun ideas to do with the kids that involve cooking or making that days snack.

Whole Language Units for Predictable Books. (1995). Teacher Created Materials, Inc; Huntington Beach, CA.

Faggella, Kathy. Concept Cookery. First Teacher Press; Bridgeport, CT.

Edge, Nellie (1975). Kids in the Kitchen. Peninsula Publishing, Inc.; Port Angeles, WA.

All Subjects:
        The teacher uses the internet as a resource to find new and different ways to teach a specific concept or unit. She just recently got on line, so she isnít to familiar with the internet yet. Some of her favorite web sites include:

        A useful site that contains many ideas for crafts that can be done with kids.

        Another site that contains crafts and activities for kids.