Weekly Schedule:

        As stated above, there are two groups of children who come in a day. The morning group are younger and are slightly more delayed then the afternoon group. Therefore, the two schedules are a little different. The two schedules are listed below.

AM Schedule:

8:30-9:00                  Kids arrive, put things away, put on phonetic ears, free play

9:00-9:15                  Question of the day (a yes/no question that the kids and teachers answer), picking of daily jobs, and  a bathroom break

9:15-9:30                  Circle time:

                                1. Doing the daily news (the students take home papers that said what they did that day at school, along with the help of their parents they tell something they did that night and then bring the paper back to                                      school the next day. This occurs every day.)

                                2. Language activities that is related to the current unit they are doing

                                3. Songs and games that are related to the current unit

9:30-10:15                Center play, each child works independently with the teacher while the others play

10:15-10:40              Snack time, which involves language building activities

10:40-11:00              Group activity, often a story or a game related to the current unit

11:00-11:15              Preparation to go home and singing of the good-bye song.

PM Schedule:

12:45-1:00                 Kids arrive, put things away, then write in journals

1:00-1:15                  Question of the day (same as the morning class), job selection, and bathroom break

1:15-1:30                  Calendar, the kids and teacher do the days of the week, count to see the number of the date, the month, a poem about the month and the weather. Discussion of the kids news.

1:30-1:45                  Circle time:

                                1. Language activities related to the current unit

                                2. Other activities dealing with the current unit

1:45-2:15                  Group work that is more academic in nature (learning the letters of the alphabet, numbers, simple math activities)

2:15-2:30                  Snack time, which includes language activities

2:30-2:45                  Group work related to current unit

2:45-3:05                  Center play with a few kindergarten students, each day a few students come from one of the kindergarten classrooms

3:05-3:15                  Clean-up and getting ready to go home