Collaborative Interactions

        Every classroom teacher works with other school faculty and staff to create positive interactions for his/her students. Mrs. Kowcz works with the following people in order of frequency of weekly interactions.


    1. Other special educators---hearing impaired
    2. -She works with the other hearing impaired kindergarten teachers to exchange teaching ideas, strategies, behavior techniques and to share curriculum materials. Sometimes the kindergarten classes are combined for instruction, recess, and lunch, which then each teacher takes a shared responsibility for both classes.
    3. Speech therapist
    4. -She works with the speech therapist to check the progress the students have made in their speech training. She also, uses the methods the speech therapist uses with the students to practice in the classroom.
    5. Auditory training specialist
    6. –The same collaboration as with the speech therapist
    7. Principal
    8. -As her supervisor, the principal often checks to see how her classroom instruction is effecting the children. He enforces the school policies and rules. He helps her with behavior issues and IEP meetings and concerns.
    9. Specialized teachers: gym, art, library, music
    10. -Talks to the teachers to see how the students have progressed through the school year. Makes sure the students are behaving appropriately in the special classes.
    11. Office secretaries
    12. -Gets supplies, information about current events, and updates on each child in the school from day to day, ex. sick, late, a new student.
    13. Regular education teacher for the hearing kindergartners

                -Collaborates efforts to make the interactions with the hearing impaired children and the                     hearing children more effective. The hearing teacher occasionally checks the progress                     of her students in Mrs. Kowcz’s class and the effectiveness of the interactions with the                     hearing peers.

        Collaborative interactions with faculty and staff members creates a positive learning environment for all students. It allows the students to learn in a supportive manner and encourages students to achieve their educational goals.