Essential Assessment Protocols

        Mrs. Kowcz uses a variety of assessment methods in her classroom instruction to confirm what the students already know, and what the students still needs to practice. Students learn in different ways and are better at displaying their knowledge in that specific manner, which makes having a variety of assessment protocols a necessity.


1. Classroom participation and meaningful contributions.

2. Direct observation of student’s behavior.

3. Check lists of current abilities.

4. One-on-one working periods.

5. Timely completion of class assignments.

6. Individual drill and practice.

7. Written work samples.

8. Ask open ended questions to see if students respond appropriately and relevantly to the question.

9. Use check questions during lessons.

10. Social ability to work well with others.

11. VMI (Visual Motor Intervention)—a formal test of constructing shapes with
visual motor skills


        Mrs. Kowcz uses a variety of assessment protocols to make the evaluation of a student’s individual progress more accurate. It displays the student’s knowledge in many different ways, making the material more interesting for the student and a better source of achievement for the teacher to grade.

***Mrs. Kowcz prefers informal testing and doesn’t really use formal methods of testing for the students.