Classroom Management Techniques


        To be a successful teacher you must have a positive learning environment with structure. Mrs. Kowcz’s classroom has rules, regulations, and a positive classroom setting to create a learning environment where the students are encouraged to excel in school.

1. Post a list with picture demonstrations of classroom rules and regulations.

2. Communicate lessons in a slow concise manner, making sure all students understand and participate.

3. Keep students involved in lessons by asking them constant check questions.

4. Have students display understanding of materials through movement....thumbs up, thumbs down, stand, sit, raise hand, etc.

5. Use praise when students are displaying good behavior or are doing well with school work.

6. Be strict and follow through with disciplinary actions.

7. If students misbehave, tell them what they are doing wrong.

8. Have students miss recess or eat lunch in silence if behavior is not appropriate.

9. Allow students sufficient time to learn new material and display knowledge.

10. Keep students interested by using topics that relate to them and real life.

11. Give time-out when behavior is inappropriate.

12. Be flexible enough to change lesson plans to fit student’s needs.


        Classroom management techniques are necessary to keep a positive learning environment and to keep students focussed on the material being taught. Mrs. Kowcz uses behavior management techniques that work best for each student individually and may need to be altered to meet the changing needs of each student from one situation to another.