Key Instructional Strategies


        Mrs. Kowcz uses her key instructional strategies to incorporate her teaching philosophies into each lesson plan. She has designed her instructional strategies based on the experiences she has from her ten years of being in the teaching profession and also, on the individual needs of her students from year to year.

1. Supply students with a language rich environment through posters, books, videos, calendar, alphabet, etc.

2. Use wait time to allow students to answer questions more complete.

3. Give individual tasks to encourage independent thinking.

4. Use activities in class that are hands-on and student centered.

5. Give multiple examples and non-examples of each new concept taught.

6. Guide student’s answers into higher levels of thinking through expansion.

7. Use visual, auditory, and, kinesthetic modalities with all lessons.

8. Teach language instruction by modeling appropriate behaviors.

9. Form cooperate lessons with hearing peers.

10. Use direct instruction to correct or justify student’s answers.

11. Give constant feedback to student’s work, ideas, and behaviors.

12. Use story telling for language and content curriculum.

        Mrs. Kowcz shows how her teaching philosophies are built into classroom instruction through her teaching strategies. Her teaching strategies are used to effectively teach to each individual's learning styles.