Teaching Philosophy

        Mrs. Kowcz, like other master teachers basis her instruction on her beliefs and ideals that make up her teaching philosophies. She uses her teaching philosophies as a guide for classroom instruction and to form a positive learning environment for all her students.

1. Lessons must be interesting with student centered activities to benefit the student.

2. Inductive and deductive styles of teaching are both effective methods when applied to the appropriate content.

3. Students gain language experiences through group discussions, classroom conversations, and social peer interactions.

4. Effective teaching allows student’s to learn and display knowledge though multiple intelligence an learning styles.

5. It is important to teach students new concepts by tying previous knowledge together with new material given.

6. Instruction should be based on individual abilities and needs and not generalized as a class whole.

7. Hands-on activities that elicit language are important for instruction.

8. Effective lessons are both age-appropriate and ability appropriate for all students.


        Mrs. Kowcz’s teaching philosophies are the beliefs and ideals that she has accumulated over her ten years of teaching hearing impaired children. They are designed to guide her classroom instruction to meet each student’s individual social and educational needs.