Contextual Information/Introduction to Cooperating Teacher

        Mrs. Kowcz is a hearing impaired teacher at Millridge Center for the Hearing Impaired, which is located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Millridge Center for the Hearing Impaired is built around the oral/auditory philosophy that instructs children by using their residual hearing skills and oral skills. Mrs. Kowcz’s years of experience have made her the master teacher she is today. Her current classroom consists of seven kindergarten aged children with moderate hearing loss to children with profound hearing loss. The children in Mrs. Kowcz’s class attend school all day and stay with her in a self contained classroom. The morning portion of the day consists of seven hearing impaired students and in the afternoon the hearing impaired students are integrated with five hearing peers that participate in Mrs. Kowcz’s kindergarten classroom, a program used for modeling and peer relationships among students with and without disabilities.

        From Mrs. Kowcz’s years of experience, she has comprised a list of her teaching philosophies, key instructional strategies, curriculum resources, essential assessment protocols, classroom management techniques, and collaborative interactions, that will be shown throughout her portfolio.