Key Instructional Strategies


        Instructional strategies are used to incorporate teaching philosophies into lesson plans. It is important to design instructional strategies based on how you want to teach your classroom and also on what works best with your students. My key instructional strategies are built upon my own personal beliefs and style for classroom instruction.

1. Form cooperative learning groups, where students can discuss lessons and work together to brainstorm, research, and find the answers (Orlich,Harder,Callahan,Gibson 1998)

2. Use K-W-L models to build lessons on the knowledge and questions that the students have on new material given (Harmin 1994)

3. Provide lessons with all three learning stimulation; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities (Kincher 1990)

4. Increase wait time to encourage students to answer questions with more depth of thought (Orlich,Harder,Callahan,Gibson 1998)

5. Use activities with lessons to provide the students with hands on learning (Randolf 1998)

6. During class discussions have students lead and also respond from each other (Walker 1997)

7. Ask higher levels of questions to increase the thought process of the students and to encourage them to expand their knowledge of the topic at hand (Orlich,Harder,Callahan,Gibson 1990)

8. Use activities in class that encourage students to use critical thinking and problem solving strategies ( Schaffer 1998)

9. Apply lessons to real life to show relevance in learning the new material (Gleason 1997)

10. Use actives that allow the learner to display knowledge through different multiple intelligence’s (Vail 1992)

11. Use learning centers to inspire independent thinking (Opitz 1996)

        Key instructional strategies are used to guide your lesson plan designs. It shows how you will incorporate your teaching philosophies into classroom instructions. I based my key instructional strategies on what has worked best with my students in past field experiences. I found that by teaching with the above strategies my students have learned in the most effective way. My key instructional strategies are how I implement instruction for my lesson plans that best suit the learning styles of all my students.