Kent State University
Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Program

Teaching Portfolios

 Students enrolled in the KSU Deaf Ed. Teacher Prep developed the following student portfolios over two semesters.   The portfolios were developed as a component of   the studentsí course work in Curriculum & Instruction, Instructional Programming and field experiences for deaf/hard-of-hearing (d/hh) students.  During the Fall semester, the students developed the initial version of their portfolios.  During the Spring semester, the students refined their portfolios.  This refinement was carried out in conjunction with their field or practicum work.  During that work students not only worked directly with d/hh students, they also carried out intensive interviews and observations of the teacher of the deaf with whom they were working.  The basic purpose of the interviews/observations was to develop a portfolio that reflected their teacherís essential instructional beliefs and strategies.  The net result of this year of work is presented within the studentís portfolios.  Each portfolio has been configured to provide the following information:

     KSU Deaf Ed. Major:
                1. Teaching Philosophy
                2. Key Instructional Strategies
                3. Curriculum Resources
                4. Assessment Protocols
                5. Classroom Management Techniques
                6. Sample Instructional Unit
                7. Reference Information

    Teacher of the Deaf:
                1. Practicum Information
                2. Classroom Layout
                3. Weekly Schedule
                4. Instructional Philosophy
                5. Instructional Strategies
                6. Curricular Resources
                7. Classroom Management Techniques
                8. Assessment Protocols
                9. Collaborative Interactions w/ School Personnel

I trust that you will find the student portfolios both interesting and informative.  I hope that the portfolios will serve as a growing data base of what preservice and existing teachers of d/hh students consider to be the essential components of their teaching.

Harold Johnson, Professor
KSU Deaf Ed. Teacher Prep. Pro.

Fall í98 - Spring Ď99